The Clan Circle are the group of advisers who lead the clan.

Choosing a CircleEdit

Important considerations as you choose who should be on your clan circle:

  • Skills: Most challenges in Six Ages use the highest skill of a member of the circle. Higher skills means a better chance of success. Higher skills also mean the leader will provide better advice.
  • Personality:
  • Worship: The gods your circle worships can grant benefits during Sacred Time (for example, having a worshiper of Uryarda allows an extra point of Pastures rituals during Sacred Time). Also consider: "For mythic reasons, clans work better if all the circle members worship different gods."
  • Family: A circle with one member of each family grants one point of magic each year.
  • No Vacancies: A full circle grants one point of magic each year. An empty spot also hurts clan mood, "and a dozen other factors."

The composition of the clan circle is important, but aim for “good” not “best” because perfectly balancing skills, families, and religions may be impossible.