Ekarna Four Trader is a Ritual in which a hero attempts to enter the Godplane and to assume the role of Ekarna to reenact the myth of Ekarna's Four Trades, which tells the tale of Ekarna and the benefits of trade among many different peoples.


Failure in a section may prevent a certain reward from showing. The benefits you can potentially select are:

  • In exchange for 25 cows worth of goods gain 75 cows.
  • In exchange for 24 cows worth of goods gain 19 horses.
  • In exchange for 25 cows gain 75 cows worth of goods.
  • Exchange on treasure for another.
  • Aid in negotiating when Rams are involved. (Requires successfully bargaining with Arandanth.)
  • Aid in negotiating when Wheels are involved.
  • Aid in negotiating when peoples of the fringes are involved.
  • Strengthening of questers abilities (in Bargaining and Diplomacy)


The ideal quester for this heroquest has high skills in Bargaining and Diplomacy and worships Ekarna. A quester can also benefit particularly from having a quester that is skilled in Lore in this ritual. An alternate path can mostly work with very highly skilled combat ability. Spending points in Diplomacy magic will aid Bargaining and Diplomacy choices.


Goose People Section

Your choice will be determined by your best skill for highest chance of success.

  1. "Allaying their fears"
    Diplomacy based choice
  2. "Extolling the virtues of her fox frightening bells."
    Bargaining based choice
  3. "Describing the might of the seven sword nobles."
    Highly skilled Combat based choice
  4. "Showing the trade rune."
    Magic based choice, Ritual Magic will aid it

Arandanth and Thengist Section

This section involves you trying to get brooches of protection from Arandanth to fight Thengist. If you fail you will suffer a defeat against Thengist, but can still succeed in the ritual. It is also possible to successfully get the brooches to fight Thengist but have your victory 'tempered with fear' and end up in an unusual god's realm location that involves you either mediating or fighting for a side, or escaping a danger. Successfully getting out of an unusual realm event can get you back on to the path of the ritual. (while failure often results in loss of the hero quester)

  1. "Hating Thengist gives us much in common."
    Diplomacy based choice?
  2. "Rams worship a god of change and trading with us would be a very big change".
  3. "Until you've been drunk on kumis, you haven't been drunk"
    Bargaining based choice
  4. "You will not want to cross the archers who bested Thengist."
    Highly skilled Combat based choice. Seems riskier than the bargain-based choice

Ghost City Section

Your choice will be influenced on whether you defeated Thengist in the previous section. It's hard to pass a test claiming you beat Thengist when you didn't in the story while other Lore based choices you can pick are recommended instead.

  1. "Brooches of protection"
    Appears to be a a bad answer and will age your character
  2. "Feathers"
    Appears to be a a bad answer and will age your character
  3. "Plaques of gold"
    Potentially Bargain based. While this choice doesn't seem positive it does not hurt the quester either and perhaps could be more successful than the rest of the Lore based choices if you have poor Lore skills.
  4. "The story of Cenala"
    Lore based choice only available if you know Cenala. Seems the better Lore choice if you failed to defeat Thengist in the ritual
  5. "The story of how the Riders left the Golden City."
    Lore based choice, you have a better chance of succeeding with this choice if you failed to defeat Thengist than the Lore choice 6 coming up
  6. "The story of how the clan bested Thengist."
    Lore based choice, best Lore choice if you defeated Thengist

Samnal Section

Your choice will be determined by your best skill for highest chance of success.

  1. "Deal with him sincerely."
    Bargaining based choice. Canon?
  2. "Sing him a song of backhanded praise"
    Lore based choice
  3. "Have Hyalor declare himself Samnal's equal"
    Diplomacy based choice unlocks
  4. "Have Osara show off her archery"
    Highly Skilled Combat Based Choice