Elmal Path Guardian is a ritual in which a hero attempts to enter the Godplane and to assume the role of Elmal by reenacting the myth Elmal Guards the Sunpath, a story of Elmal in the aftermath of Yelm's murder.


The benefits you can select are:

  • Let each Sword fight with strength of two.
  • Aid individual leaders during battles.
  • Reward clan victories by replenishing magic.
  • Gain a battle treasure.
  • Strengthening of quester's abilities (Combat and Leadership).
  • War magic against imperial foes (Must succeed in a fight against Little Yelm to choose this option).
  • War magic against Alkothi (Must succeed against Shargash to choose this option).


The ideal quester for this heroquest has high skills in Combat and Leadership and worships Elmal or Osara (Elmal's daughter). A Combat rating that is at least Very Good has a decent chance of succeeding in each section though an Excellent rating would be preferred.

Note: None of the options in the story can offend Wheels, so asking them for aid is a safe option.


The choices you should make should be based on the skills your quester is best at or are seeking a specific reward for.

IMG 1274
Little Yelm, First Part

<Quester> rides his flaming steed to the broken sunpath, where many scroungers try to gather up the shining bricks laid by the Emperor. The first of these is Elmal's younger brother, Little Yelm. How does <quester> greet him?

  1. "Put those stones back before I slap you"
    Combat based choice
  2. "With a song jeering at his youth"
    Lore based choice
  3. "This is unworthy of you brother"
    Leadership based choice
  4. "Your fate lies elsewhere"
    (Bargaining or Unknown, needs confirmation) Succeeding with this option will skip the second part against Little Yelm. You can not choose the War Magic Against Imperials reward if you make this choice.

Little Yelm, Second Part

Little Yelm trembled, but decided to fight. How does <quester> fight him?

  1. As an equal.
  2. As against an inferior.
  3. By flamboyantly over-leaping him.
  4. With a wary eye for tricks.

Choose "as against an inferior."

Shargash First Part

Next <quester> comes upon the Demon Sun, Shargash, laying claim to Yelm's solar bridge. How does <quester> greet him?

  1. With a call to brotherhood.
    Leadership based choice . This option seems less than optimal
  2. With a magic ward against demons.
    Magic based choice
  3. With a song mocking his ugliness.
    Lore based choice
  4. With an immediate attack.
    Combat based choice

Shargash Second Part

How does <quester> fight him?

  1. As an equal.
  2. As against an inferior.
  3. As against a monster.
  4. With distracting maneuvers.

Choose to fight against Shargash "As against a monster" unless you choose "With a call to brotherhood" and only "trembled a little", choose "as an equal."

IMG 1122
Golden Men Section

<Quester> finds a host of golden men stripping the sunpath of its stones. How does he stop them?

  1. By commanding their obedience.
    Leadership based choice
  2. By whooping at them.
  3. With a song of ridicule.
    Lore based choice
  4. With Elmal's sweeping sword.
    Combat based choice

IMG 1144
Yonesh the Cold Sun Section

<Quester> moves further along the sunpath, to the blessed south. Yonesh the Cold Sun comes to blast him with frigid air, in a bid to freeze the Riders in place forever. How does he fight back?

  1. With a frontal assault.
    Combat based choice. Seems to have a good success rate
  2. With feints and tricks.
  3. With fire magic.
    Magic based choice
  4. With heedless fury.
    Seems riskiest