Inilla Forage Finder is a ritual in which the quester enters the godplane to assume the role of Inilla to reenact the myth of Inilla and the Golden Bush, in which she feeds the gods by overcoming Yatelo the Hunger Maker.


Successfully completing this ritual allows the quester to request one of the following (the available benefits depend on your choices during the ritual):

  • Improved foraging.
  • Strengthening the quester's abilities (in Lore and Food).
  • Strengthen all your priestesses and female leaders.
  • Make your foragers into keen-eyed scouts.
  • A treasure (the Basket of Inilla).
  • A magical vessel of your choice. (Seems like you have to choose the "Produce a..." choice in the beginning and succeed for this option. Reward doesn't always show up though.)


The quester must be female, and should ideally be a worshipper of Inilla with high Food and Lore skills.


One way through the ritual is as follows:

  1. "I am a seed you planted when we lived in the Golden City, Nyalda."
  2. Silently
  3. Leave some berries on the branches
  4. Tell them where to find Busenari's worm-rich droppings

However, while these choices are the most accurate to the myth and are fairly safe for a quester with the recommended skills, they may not be the best ones for your quester. Depending on her abilities and the situation of the clan as a whole, other choices may work better.


IMG 0288

<Quester> rides to the sky to find Elmal and Nyalda beleagured by Yatelo, who some call the Hungry Sun. How does she convince the Sun Guardian and Earth Mother of her readiness to defeat this enemy for them?

  1. Descend into a cave with Nyalda.
  2. "I am a new daughter for a new land."
  3. "I am a seed you planted when we lived in the Golden City, Nyalda."
  4. Produce a basket of sunflower seeds.
  5. "Some foes cannot be defeated with weapons, Elmal."


Failure at option 1 can lead to a far-away part of the godsrealm.

IMG 1244
<Quester> comes upon Yatelo sleeping amid the bushes and brambles. He cradles a pile of edible spruce tips. How does she sneak up on him to take the food?
  1. By singing him deeper into slumber.
  2. By waiting until darkness comes.
  3. Quickly.
  4. Silently.
  5. With the aid of spirits.

IMG 0342

<Quester> finds a rich berry patch. How does she keep the berries away from Yatelo, who means to steal or spoil them?

  1. Ally with the berries against Yatelo.
  2. Leave some berries on the branches.
  3. Leave some goats for him to eat instead.
  4. Ride higher in the sky than Yatelo can follow.
  5. Ride for home, abandoning the ritual.

IMG 0344

<Quester> finds the mother bush of all berries. Birds swarm to eat the golden berries. She says they can have some but not all of the berries. HOw does she persuade them to accept this arrangement? 

  1. Offer Elmal's protection
  2. Offer Nyalda's fertility.
  3. Promise to conceal their location from Dostal. 
  4. Tell them where to find Busenari's worm-rich droppings.